About Us

Glove Up Fitness officially opens on August 3rd, 2019. The gym is a culmination of the blood, sweat and tears of co-owners and couple, Jay Bellville and Ariana Jasarevic. Sharing a passion of fitness, boxing and embracing oneself, these two enthusiasts set out to build not only a physical space, but a community of people who are prepared to get out of their comfort zones, push themselves harder and benefit from all of the hard work. Jay and Ariana’s vision is to inspire people to really uncover what they can accomplish, both in a physical and mental sense, through fitness. Glove Up Fitness applies a small group learning approach, which enables trainers and students to engage on a more personal level. Classes include Beginner and Advanced boxing classes, as well as boxing bootcamps and personal training.  



Feel empowered to gain knowledge and challenge yourself and the status quo in fitness through boxing.


Reap the benefits of goal-setting and accountability in our small group training experiences.


Find your passion, your pain and your peace with our more personal and focused approach to boxing.

You are more than just a member at Glove Up. You are a part of our gym and part of our community.

We are Glove Up Fitness. Join us! Our experienced and passionate trainers will inspire you to exceed your own expectations.