Ariana is the co-founder of Glove Up Fitness and owner of Ariana Jahja Coaching.

She is a performance and purpose expert who is committed to helping others rewire their brains in order to live their best lives and start using their mindset to work for them, not against.

Boxing has changed her life in many ways, but one of the major accomplishments it sparked was toughening her mindset by showing up to boxing and kickboxing on almost a daily basis for over eight years. Realizing the importance of mindset in her coaching career, she became passionate about creating a space for others to come in and do the same, in a safe community. 

Training your mind, through physical training and movement, is an integral part of mental toughness.

One of her biggest accomplishments has been teaching boxing and kickboxing for over 5 years, while coaching hundreds of people on their career and purpose in her full-time career. Combining these two passions have made her an expert in how to integrate body and mind and intersect the two to become unstoppable.

Starting the Glove Up movement with the love of her life and best friend has been an extra cherry on top!