Throughout his life, Jay has spent a lot of time playing sports and staying active. It was not until 10 years ago that Jay decided to consider a profession in fitness as a result from his crossfit teammates leaning on him for extra inspiration and motivation. Jay has a natural ability to find strengths in each person he comes in contact with and encourages them to be their best, physically and mentally. Being thankful and grateful for health and mobility is something Jay practices and preaches with students.

When Jay turned 40, he decided he needed a new challenge and started training at one of the country’s top boxing gyms, HIT FIT SF, located in San Francisco. He trained under some of the best boxing coaches around, learning solid fundamentals and sparring with top notch fighters. This experience was invaluable. After moving to St. Louis, Jay was desperate to find the same high-level training as he had in San Francisco. It was not an easy journey, but the universe brought him into Gamble Rec Center, in the city, where he met and trained under one of St. Louis’ finest boxing coaches, Buddy Shaw. At the age of 45, it was time for Jay to enter the
ring. He won his debut, as an amateur fighter, under the watch of coach Buddy Shaw. This victory was a turning point in Jay’s life when he decided that age has nothing to do with ability. Determination, focus, discipline and practice are all keys to success in life.

Jay is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, as a Personal Trainer, and a Fitness Nutrition Specialist. He also holds a certification as a Level 1 Boxing Instructor from the Box and Burn Academy.