Learn boxing fundamentals and basic skills to achieve your fitness goals.


During this workout, you will learn basic boxing fundamentals in order to develop your skills, help you achieve fitness goals and prepare you for more advanced-level workouts, like our Glove Up Boxing.

Firstly and importantly, you will learn how to wrap your hands properly for the workout

Some of the techniques that you will learn include:

  • Basic punches
    • Jab
    • Cross
    • Hooks
    • Uppercuts
  • Basic defensive movements
    • Slipping
    • Rolling
    • Blocking
    • Catching
  • Proper stance
  • Basic movements
    • Forward, back, left and right


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Our classes are limited to 10 people and do sell out quick. We recommend that student book their classes at least 12 to 24 hours prior to the start of class.


You are more than just a member at Glove Up. You are a part of our gym and part of our community.

We are Glove Up Fitness. Join us! Our experienced and passionate trainers will inspire you to exceed your own expectations.