Want to torch calories and train like a fighter?


You will sharpen up your boxing skills through heavy bag combinations, partner drills, defense and footwork.

This class is a fast-paced environment which is designed to help you gain endurance and challenge you physically and mentally.

Gain confidence, accelerate weight loss, and become your best self through our boxing program.

The Glove Up Boxing class is 60-minutes total that includes circuit training with body weight and weights. We do 6-8 rounds of boxing on heavy bags, partner drills, and technique. Be prepared to sweat and burn calories as this class is fast paced and designed to give you an amazing full body workout.

Class size maximum = 10



New students are encouraged to take the Beginner’s Boxing class at least 2-4x’s before taking the Glove Up Boxing or the Glove Up Ignite Class. The reason for this is to make sure everyone is up to par with the basic punches, defensive moves, hand wrapping, shadow boxing, etc.

The coaches do not have time to wrap students hands in the Boxing and Ignite class. Students are expected to know how to wrap their hands and have a good command over the basic punches and movements before stepping into the next level of class.


You are more than just a member at Glove Up. You are a part of our gym and part of our community.

We are Glove Up Fitness. Join us! Our experienced and passionate trainers will inspire you to exceed your own expectations.