Personalized fitness training plans, designed just for you.


Personal training can be a great option for students looking to focus on their personal fitness goals. The trainers will sit with you and listen to what your goals and needs are and design a program that will hold you accountable to reaching those goals.

One on one customized training

Students will discuss any limitations, prior injuries, or uncomfortable exercises before a training program is designed.

Accountability; one on one attention. Trainers can closely monitor a students form in exercises. One on one allows a trainer to get to know a student and their goals and keep them on track with their program and make adjustments as they see fit.


“The first time Jay walked into the gym, he was wearing a t-shirt that said “Fight Parkinson’s”. I knew it was no coincidence that he walked into my life because I have Parkinson’s. 

I had been boxing for a while because regular exercise and boxing help slow the progression of the disease. One of the symptoms I can experience are “bouts” of freezing or stopping. I found it difficult to unfreeze. During a class, Jay came around just as I was stuck. He encouraged me to hit his gloves and I came unstuck. After that class, I told Jay of my experience and signed up for one-on-one training with him once a week.

Since training with Jay, I have had almost no freezing. I play tennis twice a week and go on long walks with my wife, once or twice on the
weekend, but I wanted a more strenuous workout. Jay really pushes me. He is an intuitive trainer in that he knows when to push me harder or back off. He can tell when I’m struggling or when I can handle more.

That is a true gift and exactly what I need in stopping the Parkinson’s from progressing.”

Robert T. of St. Louis

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